Accounting & Bookkeeping

We will provide comprehensive but affordable bookkeeping and accounting services that will benefit your business in many ways

Taxation Services

We will add a little joy into the fulfillment of this obligation by ensuring that you and your business pay only what is due and when it is due so as to avoid penalties

Company Registrations

Registering your business as a company raises its profile, gives it a unique identity and makes branding much easier

Business Advisory Services

Whether you want to start a business in order to be of greater service to humanity or you are already in business but facing financial and operational constraints, we are here to assist you achieve your goals

Local & International Business Agency

We have capacity to represent international and local businesses or organisations on an agency or partnership basis

Content Write-Ups & Website Setups

We will tell your story or idea in a simple-to-understand, “dejargonised” language that is clear, specific and bold

Some of our Clients...

When our customer's grow, we grow together...

As an entrepreneur just starting out or already owning a small business you are probably putting on several hats. The situation demands you to fulfill the many roles and tasks required to maintain and move your business forward. You are also likely to be running around putting out several fires as crisis after crisis apparently emerge from nowhere.

Biz Management Assist is a small-business-focused management consultancy that provides support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. We will take away the burdens imposed on you by accounting, tax and other regulatory authorities. This will free your time so that you can focus on building your customer base.

In addition to making compliance easier for you, we will bring value that will enable you to see other possibilities and opportunities.

As a small business ourselves we are in the trenches together. We face similar challenges. We strive to render you a high level of service that we expect to receive.