About Us

We will step into your shoes because only the wearer knows where the shoes pinches

In my time, most young people’s careers were fashioned around role models they saw or met in their neighbourhood, location or village. My eyes got fixed on accounting although I had never seen or met an accountant. When I really got down to studying and then working in accounting, the little anxiety that I had about numbers and calculations disappeared completely.

As I got grounded in my career family, friends and small business owners consulted me on their personal and business finances. And naturally, I was always entrusted with finances and bookkeeping in every club, church or community group I joined.

In 2009, after 23 years of working for various organisations in various capacities ranging from accounts clerk to accountant, finance manager, finance specialist to regional finance manager, Biz Management Assist was born. BMA was born primarily to assist individuals and management of small enterprises to plan, start, run and grow their businesses as well comply with the regulatory authorities.

A team of 4 staff and associate consultants is led by Oliver Chanyau to provide management consultancy in the following areas:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Tax services
  • Registrations and compliances
  • Business planning
  • General business advisory services
  • Content write-ups
  • Entrepreneurship training

We see your business as a unique service to humanity and that is what inspires and motivates us. We are a small business ourselves and are fully aware of transformation and the pains and joys you go through every day in order to stay afloat, lest you become a statistic