We will free you from accounting and regulatory burdens
Accounting & Bookkeeping

We will provide comprehensive but affordable bookkeeping and accounting services that will benefit your business in many ways:

  • Your decisions are backed by cross-functional information including financial information
  • Your business is fully and timely compliant with statutory regulations so that issues of non-compliance don't drive away opportunities.
  • The growth of your business is real and balanced.
  • In the short-to-medium term, you don’t have to hire and spend time supervising non-core staff.

We offer the following services on a monthly retainer or once-off basis:

  • Bookkeeping, accounting and taxation with monthly/quarterly management accounts
  • Compiling annual financial statements
  • Payroll processing
  • Monthly, half yearly and annual returns to tax, unemployment insurance and workmen compensation authorities
  • Financial management – budgeting, forecasting, cash flows, interpretations,
  • Preparation for audit and resolution of audit queries

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Taxation Services
Some say paying tax is privilege. Others say it is a patriotic duty. And still others have just resigned to the fact that tax is a necessary evil. Well, we don’t have control over why you pay tax. However, we will add a little joy into the fulfillment of this obligation by ensuring that you and your business pay only what is due and when it is due so as to avoid penalties. To round of the compliance we will also assist with how you pay tax.

The services we offer include:

  • Company income tax returns
  • Company provisional tax returns
  • Tax clearance certificates
  • Payroll processing and payroll tax management
  • Personal income tax returns
  • Dividends tax
Company tax and progressive accounting are inseparable twins. We can also take care of your bookkeeping and accounting as detailed on the Accounting and Bookkeeping services page.

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Company Registrations
Registering your business as a company raises its profile, gives it a unique identity and makes branding much easier.

The full list of the services we offer includes:

Package 1 – R1 000
  • Company registration
  • BBBEE Affidavit
  • Tax clearance Certificate
Package 2 – R1 300
  • Company registration
  • BBBEE Affidavit
  • Tax clearance Certifcate
  • Share Certificates
Package 3 – R3 200
  • Company registration
  • BBBEE Affidavit
  • Tax clearance Certifcate
  • Share Certificates
  • COIDA Registration
  • Letter of Good Standing
  • CSD Registration

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Business Advisory Services
Whether you want to start a business in order to be of greater service to humanity or you are already in business but facing financial and operational constraints, we are here to assist you achieve your goals. Constraints come in many forms and guises – lack of capacity, systems, policies, structures and controls which all affect sales, profitability, cash flow and the ability to timely respond to opportunities. We know that as a small business owner and determined entrepreneur you are dreaming big, with big goals on your radar screen. You can only achieve these through implementation and growth.

We provide management consultancy in the following areas:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Business planning and business plan writing
  • Business profile
  • Company profile
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Strategic planning
  • Due diligence

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Local & International Business Agency
We have capacity to represent international and local businesses or organisations on an agency or partnership basis. We provide agency support in administrative, marketing and sales, project work, new business development and handling of financial matters. This will save you costs as we will interface for your business in Gauteng/South Africa. Agency business works well on trust, integrity and honesty and this is what we promise you. We will not only save you costs but also assist you with maintaining your brand, identifying and exploiting opportunities as well as undertaking research in your industry in South Africa.

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Content Write-Ups & Website Setups
We will tell your story or idea in a simple-to-understand, “dejargonised” language that is clear, specific and bold. We will take your readers on the journey that you have travelled and/or are travelling and convey it in clear messages that entertain and educate. We know that your brand, sales and reputation are the reasons for your existence – so we will fashion make the write-up to appeal to those in search of the truth in your industry or area of business. The content will be so compelling that it becomes easy prey to the hunters on the web. It is important that whatever text you post out there tells your story in such a way that your target market gets the big picture. We write different articles for in-depth readers and for scanners or for both, as you direct us.

Our content writing services to businesses and individuals include:

  • Website content
  • Company profiles
  • Business profiles
  • Content marketing
  • Advertising material
  • Business plans
  • Funding proposals

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